SURegen is an EPSRC funded research project that aims to tackle the complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity of the regeneration process and its outcomes. As part of this research, FusionGFX developed a system where by using a flat touch screen table users navigated around sites and buildings whilst the 3D perspective view was simultaneously displayed on the adjacent vertical screen.

Further information available EPCC / E-Planning Research  / Software Sustainability Institute

Virtual Environmental Planning (VEPs)

VEPs successfully developed and demonstrated 3D online interactive applications to help people understand proposed planning developments and share their views about them online.

Interreg IIIB NWE funded project – Approx 4.7m euros
Proposed 2003, began late 2005, and ran until June 2008
Also funded by the UK – potential for its e-Planning programme


  • Share technical competencies between partners on: 3D visualisation, ICT applications to promote public consultation, environmental modelling and data collection and use for e-Planning
  • Create a common architecture and methodology to enable citizens to view and respond via the internet, to planned changes.
  • Implement a prototype system

Further information available at VEPs the Virtual Environmental Planning systems’ project