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Recreation of the Waterloo Battlefield for
The History Channel

The Factuals department
at Granada Television in Manchester
contracted The University of Salford and  
FusionGFX to create a real-time visualisation of the Battlefield at Waterloo, as it was in 1815. The aim was to enable military historians to experience the site and re-examine the point of view of both Wellingtons and Napoleons armies. The whole process was televised and shown on The History Channels Battlefield Detectives series.

A detailed site and building survey was carried out in spring 2005 using GPS, EDM, photography and a revolutionary 3D laser scanner.

Using a combination of MultiGen®s Creator™ and Vega Prime™ the team were then able to fuse together the various data sources.

The historians immersed themselves in Salford’s CAVE™, a four sided rear projected room, enabling them to explore the topographical model, the buildings and woods. They were able to interact and analyse the data from various points of view.

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"One of the main challenges was to reproduce the now missing woodland, South of Hougamont Farm. Bionatics REALnat Premium made it possible not only to visualise the woodland in such a short time scale, but to ensure that the species and size of trees were scientifically accurate."
Kim Foster, FusionGFX
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