We create 3D prints in a range of metal alloys and plastics. Dependent upon your requirements we can advise the ideal material to use since each one has its own individual characteristics, such as thermal properties, strength, hardness and flexibility.

The 3D print can be created from your existing 3D model, or we can create the 3D model for you. To create the 3D model we take any data you already have such as drawings, photographs, sketches or even memories or concepts. 

Example: Hadlow Tower

The Save Hadlow Tower Action Group commissioned a 3D print of the tower to enable partially sighted visitors appreciate the ornate Gothic detail and orientate themselves around the restored tower.


The image below shows the workflow for creating a 3D print fof Hadlow Tower for their visitor centre.

3D Print: Hadlow Tower
3D Print created from photographs and CAD drawings

Working from architect’s drawings, internal and external photographs together with 2D CAD drawings and on-site surveys we created a 3D digital model.

The external envelop of the tower was then sliced vertically to expose the  internal layout. By removing the external walls, partially sighted visitors would be able to ‘feel’ the model to understand the layout of the tower.


3D Print: Hadlow Tower Interior
3D Print: Hadlow Tower Interior





The physical print was made from Nylon, which was chosen for its good long term stability, strength and durability. Building up the model layer by layer at a thickness of 0.12mm each layer, the tower took five continuous days to complete. It is now the centre piece of the Hadlow Tower visitor centre.






Printed graphics panels

As well as creating graphics panel to inform visitors, sometimes they are used to hide or disguise features.

Here we created a 3D model of an existing bookcases within a library and created a 2D print to cover the hidden secret entrance to an interactive immersive simulator. We even matched the painted breeze blocks above the bookcase.